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TSR | Owlclaw |Duskclan by TurkFish TSR | Owlclaw |Duskclan by TurkFish



psst also if you'd like to roleplay any of his siblings or his mommy or something, let me know!!

My tryout for Foxpaw's father, Owlclaw. Tryouts being held by *…


-Basic Information-


Name: Owlkit | Owlpaw | Owlclaw

Age: 66 Moons (5.5 Years)

Gender: Male

Clan: Duskclan

Rank: Warrior

Apprentice: N/A

Breed: Moggie

Physical Appearance: Owlclaw is a rough, brown-furred tom with wide, gaping amber eyes. He is very buff and sturdy. Various scars litter his flanks. His claws are long and hooked, like an owl's.


-Personal Information-



Quiet | Unreliable | Intelligent | Strong (physically) | Weak (Emotionally/spiritually) | Lonely | Fair | Kind-hearted (behind a shroud of coldness)


Quiet :bulletwhite:

Owlclaw has always been a particularly quiet cat, even before he lost his mate. Owlclaw is a cat of few words; usually using simple signals to get what he needs to say out. Of course, Owlclaw likes having company, and even sometimes likes to chat with old friends. But he's particularly quiet when around large groups.


Unreliable :bulletred:

At one time, Owlclaw was a deeply respected warrior. He still hasn't lost this, however-- since the loss of his mate, Owlclaw finds it harder and harder to go through the hassle of obeying everything he is told. He has a difficult time keeping promises, and often lets duties go on unfinished.


Intelligent :bulletgreen:

Rather than spending all of his free alone time blabbering and socializing, Owlclaw is found observing things. He's a diligent listener, and likes to learn everything he possibly can. He's not one to use information stupidly, either. What needs to be said, he will say, and what isn't of concern stays cooped up in his head.


Strong :bulletwhite:

Owlclaw is rather buff and sturdy, making it an easy task for him to lift and move things. Owlclaw was a prime hand in the building of the Duskclan camp after the journey. He's good at heavy duty tasks, and is quite the tank in battle.


Weak :bulletred:

The once dignified Owlclaw took a deathly blow to his soul when his mate passed away. Owlclaw has a hard time finding faith in anything, and often sulks in despair when he thinks no one's watching. He can't take criticism, and in order to not appear weak to his clanmates, when he finds himself upset, he'll walk away and disappear for a few hours. Owlclaw let's his emotions go out of control if he doesn't leave a situation immediately as it upsets him.


Lonely :bulletred:

When Dappledfern died, Owlclaw was left with a terrible wound; that of a broken heart. He began to feel alone in the world, and began to turn his back on others, even his own son, in his agonizing pain. His world is lonely and cold, even when there's cats all around him.


Fair :bulletgreen:

While Owlclaw may have turned his back to others, he has not turned his back on his morals. Owlclaw is a fair cat. He'll listen to all sides of a story before he judges, if he even happens to judge at all. Owlclaw doesn't like to side, and tries to split things evenly…so long as it's not work.


Secretly Kind-hearted :bulletgreen:

The love that he seemed to have lost when his mate died still lingers deep within Owlclaw's stone heart. It's rare to appear, and usually hidden behind his bitter attitude towards his lonely world, but if some cat  were to dig deep enough, perhaps his heart could warm to them.





Before Birth


Poppytail was a very young, beautiful she-cat. Her fur was white with black speckles down her back, all the way to the tip of her tail. She fell in love at a terribly young age, hardly out of her apprentice years.

The tom's name was Rateye, her senior by 4 moons. Rateye was a wood-brown tom, average, aside from the ugly scar on his face. A scar that he'd earned saving young Poppytail when she was still a newly named apprentice.


Poppytail spent moons chasing Rateye, and likewise, he did the same. Both were painfully oblivious to eachother for moons, seasons!

When Poppytail reached her 3rd cycle, she revealed her feelings, fed up with her game of cat and mouse.

And what a surprise it was(n't) to the rest of the clan when Poppytail was found to be expecting Rateye's kits.




And thus, Owlkit was born along with his two sisters, Flickerkit and Duck-kit. Out of his litter, Owlkit was the only resembling his father, with sleek, slightly curly brown fur. His eyes mirrored Rateye when he's been a kit, large, yellow globes that studied any and everything. Flickerkit and Duck-kit were very similar, scarcely able to tell apart with their amber eyes and white-and-black speckled pelts, if it weren't for Duck-kit's noticeably stubbier bottom.


The three kittens had a rather average kithood. All three were rowdy and, and both girls; loud, always teasing eachother and trying to play with the older kits and apprentices. The kits grew quickly, and Poppytail and Rateye became incredibly proud of the trio of children they'd raised.

As the kits neared their 6th moon, a scary event unfolded. Poppytail fell terribly ill, a savage case of late-leaffall greencough sending her from the nursery with her kits and to the medicine cat's den. The kittens worried desperately for their mother, day in and day out. Against their medicine cat's and father's warning alike, the kittens would visit their mother every day.




Poppytail was still in the medicine cat's den when her children were named apprentices. Owlpaw was given a young she-cat named Pineear. Pineear, despite her awkward build and distracting, tufted ears, proved to be a perfect match for the rowdy Owlpaw. Pineear was strict to her young apprentice, making sure to keep him in line. As Owlpaw settled into his apprentice years, he quieted down, becoming calmer and much more accustomed to following the rules.


Around Owlpaw's 8th moon, Poppytail was deemed recovered. Her lungs were weak, and her body was frail, but the she-cat pushed on to become healthy again as leafbare snow melted. Owlpaw pushed Pineear multiple times to allow a training session with his mother, which the she-cat ended up agreeing to often, in amusement for the close bond the family shared.


Then, tragedy struck, chilling Owlpaw's heart and shutting his voice from the world for many moons to come. Flickerpaw was brought back to camp, dead, her neck snapped from a terrible fall from a tree. Owlpaw, shocked and upset by his sister's demise, closed himself to any cat who wasn't his mentor for many moons. He refused to utter a word for days, and never fixed his eyes on anything that wasn't a needed piece of prey. When he began to speak again, it was few and far between. Owlpaw became quiet, and focused solely on his training. Some believed that he was training twice as hard- so he could train for his lost sister.




The remainder of Owlpaw's silent apprenticeship slid by without a hitch. It wasn't very long until Owlpaw and Duckpaw were called forward to receive their warrior names. Owlpaw was named Owlclaw, after the long, sharp hooks that he'd grown throughout his training. Duckpaw was named Ducktail for the stubby lump that had never formed into a tail. The littermates were quiet for longer than their vigil demanded, silent in honor of their sister, Flickerpaw, who should have been with them.


As moons passed, Owlclaw began to grow happy again. Owlclaw would often spend time with Ducktail and Pineear out hunting and patroling borders, and his parents when they all sat down for evening meals.


After around 6 moons, Owlclaw and Ducktail found themselves mentors to a pair of little siblings, brothers. Young Owlclaw proved to be a great mentor to the young cat, finding himself bonded to yet another cat. He became busy with his new duty and rarely took free time to visit with his kin. He was focused on not disappointing the young cat, striving to not allow him such a short life like his sister. He was so decided that Owlclaw didn't even know until the day his apprentice was given his warrior name that Poppytail was expecting another litter.


Poppytail's kits were born around a moon later. Barkkit and Peckerkit both had brown fur, similar to Rateye's, but their fur was speckled with black, and Peckerkit has a white chest. Owlclaw began to make frequent trips to the nursery to visit his new siblings. He was usually accompanied by Ducktail. It wasn't many sunrises after Peckerkit and Barkkit's birth that another queen, already heavy with kits, finally was pushed into the nursery. Owlclaw became good friends with the new queen, and was welcomed gladly into the nursery whenever he came to visit.


It was near a moon later when the queen gave birth to her liter. It was small, like his mother's. They each resembled their parents closely. Dappledkit was a pretty young calico, with her father's sparkling blue eyes. And her brother, Cloudkit, was a little white tom with bright amber eyes. Both were adorable and playful, and before long, they were old enough to play with Owlclaw's own adorable little brothers.

With his brothers gaining playmates, Owlclaw returned to his duties more often, deciding that his mother would be able to manage now without needing distractions for the kittens.


But not all was well. As leafbare set in, it brought with it sickness as it always did. It seemed the leafbare cold hit the nursery worst of all when Owlclaw found Peckerkit had fallen sick, along with the other litter of kittens and their mother. Owlclaw, too, was hit by the sickness.

Owlclaw volunteered to care for Peckerkit in the medicine cat's den while his mother stayed in the nursery with healthy little Barkkit. Owlclaw, as he wasn't terribly sick, tried his best to keep his little brother healthy, as well as help the other suffering kit-mother and her mate to heal her kits.


As the worst of leafbare passed, so did most of the sickness. After a long 2 moons, Peckerkit was walked back, healthy, to the nursery. Owlclaw followed not soon after, as did Cloudkit and his own mother. But Dappledkit didn't heal for a long 2 moons or so after. Owlclaw, having made good friends with the she-kit's parents over the cold season, offered his assistance in caring for the young kit whenever he visited the medicine cat's den. His help was appreciated by her mother, and she would gladly leave to visit Cloudkit and her mate.

But Owlclaw's free time to help didn't last long. A moon after his brother had returned to the nursery, it was time for his apprentice ceremony. And lo-and-behold, Owlclaw was granted mentorship to his little brother.


Peckerpaw and Owlclaw only grew closer after their time in the medicine cat's den together. Peckerpaw had recovered quickly from his weak state, and proved to be a great hunted, especially at hunting birds.

Peckerpaw was growing well, developing into a fine cat under Owlclaw's mentorship. It was 2 moons later when Ducktail gained her second apprentice as well. Dappledpaw had finally been allowed from the nursery, a moon late due to her sickness. She was small and weak, but Owlclaw knew his sister would be easy on the young she-cat.


Owlclaw and Ducktail started having many training cessions together with their apprentices. The four cats could actually be considered a group. A group of friends. Dappledpaw began forming into a formidable cat, as well. She had never been good at fighting, but she was lithe and skinny, able to prowl easily and lightly; unlike Owlclaw who was built more for fighting than hunting.


One day, while out on a hunting patrol, Owlclaw became a hero to the two young apprentices. It had been 4 moons since Dappledpaw had begun her training, and 6 since Peckerpaw had been apprenticed.


Owlclaw padded along beside his sister, talking quietly to her as their pair of young apprentices stalked ahead in search of prey. Ducktail had always been one of few cats that Owlclaw actually associated with. It felt good to use his voice with the she-cat. As Owlclaw raised his gaze to check on Peckerpaw, he felt ice run through his veins. Peckerpaw was heading straight towards a hawk!


Does he really think he can hunt such a huge creature? He thought. Peckerpaw had, admittedly, grown in size since last moon, but he was still smaller than the large bird. Ducktail stiffened beside him, taking in the situation for herself. Owlclaw turned to see her, and spotted her gaze not locked on Peckerpaw, but Dappledpaw. The spotted she-cat had suddenly prowled in right along next to Peckerpaw!


Owlclaw watched in horror as the hawk suddenly turned it's head, meeting eyes with the two apprentices. As it's wings began to fluff out for an attack, Owlclaw sprung forward. Taking up the heroic genes his father had given him, he jumped infront of the two apprentices, just in time to absorb a claw to the face by the hawk. Before he could retaliate, the hawk attacked again, grabbing him by the skin of his back and lifting him off the ground.


Owlclaw let out a loud cry, twisting and turning to get at the bird. Risking a possibly fatal scratch to his back, the tom twisted in the bird's claws and scratched and bit at it's legs, it's underside. The hawk gave a loud screech and dropped Owlclaw. By some lucky chance, he landed, scrabbling, on a tree branch.


Owlclaw blacked out, and was sent back to camp. When he awoke, days later, he was met with 2 pairs of eyes; Ducktail's and his medicine cat's. He was told of all that had happened, and how lucky he was to still be alive. Owlclaw took a long moon to heal. The entire time, he noticed, Dappledpaw never came to see him. This saddened him for some reason, though he couldn't pinpoint why.


Owlclaw had been let out of the Medicine Cat's den only days before Peckerpaw and Barkpaw's warrior ceremony. He stood at the front with his brothers, Barkpaw's mentor, and Peckerpaw's temporary mentor, and gave their blessings to the young cats. Peckerpaw was named Peckertooth, and Barkpaw was dubbed Barkwhisker.


Owlclaw went almost a moon without seeing much of Dappledpaw. The she-cat would continually get flustered whenever she saw him, which was very odd, considering how straightforward and bold she'd always been. Thinking she didn't like him anymore, Owlclaw dug himself into a shell. He stopped conversing with any cat who wasn't Peckertooth, and became quiet. Recluse.


Still in his anger over the she-cat avoiding him, he purposefully skipped her warrior ceremony when it came another moon later. Instead, he slipped out of camp and made his way to a quiet part of the territory, occupying his mind with hunting. He hoped it would work as an excuse to Ducktail of why he hadn't been there.

When he didn't return until moonrise, Ducktail left camp to find her brother. She scolded him terribly, and demanded that he apologize to Dappledpaw- Dappledfern now- as she was upset that he'd never shown up. Owlclaw became angry and yelled at his sister, telling her exactly why he hadn't been there. If Dappledfern didn't care to talk to him anymore, then he wouldn't care to call her new name out for the clan.


Another pawful of moons passed, now with Owlclaw avoiding Dappledfern. Whenever she'd even make a move towards him, he'd randomly jump in to a border patrol, or hunting party. He refused to talk to her, he refused to make amends. He'd saved her life, sacrificed his own! And all she did was…


…All she did was stop loving me… He told himself.


Owlclaw slowly began to smile again as moons pressed on. He got over his forming crush on Dappledfern, and focused once more on his clan duties. An odd cat came and went within his clan. He'd never really talked to the rouge, and he never much approved of the cat, either. Owlclaw would laze around with Peckertooth in the warm days of Greenleaf, and hunt with his aging father when the older tom felt well enough.


But with Leafbare, brought sickness. Terrible sickness that wracked the clans. Owlclaw was horrified when the death count of all the clans skyrocketed, even in Newleaf. Then came a crashing blow. Peckertooth had fallen ill, and Rateye followed not far after. Owlclaw urged the medicine cat to heal them.

A moon later Peckertooth, Owlclaw's brother and closest friend, died. Owlclaw was crushed, and for days he refused to move from his brother's nest, all that remained of his faithful apprentice. His little brother. His dearest friend. Owlclaw would have let himself die.


If it hadn't been for Dappledfern. The she-cat still considered Owlclaw her friend; more than that. Since that day, she'd loved him. she owed him her life, but she was to afraid of rejection to thank him. She nuzzled him food, and curled up protectively around the large tom, purring comforting words to him. Owlclaw found himself at peace again with Dappledfern curled around him.

As he came to his senses and the numbness of his brother's death faded away, Owlclaw found himself apologizing to Dappledfern over and over again. And without thinking, he asked her to be his mate. Dappledfern accepted. Ducktail's friendship with her brother rekindled, and the small family bunched together again.


But then the cats found that they had to leave the territories. Owlclaw and Ducktail were forced to leave their father behind. Rateye pushed his mate to go with them, and with a heavy heart, the elderly Poppytail left her love.


Poppytail was distracted from her sadness when she found out that Dappledfern and Owlclaw were expecting kits. The trek was long and hard for the family of all ages and sizes. But Owlclaw, Ducktail, Poppytail, Dappledfern, and her parents and brother stuck together closer than clanmates usually would.

Dappledfern gave birth to a single kit in the middle of their journey down the river. The couple named him Foxkit for his russet little tail. With a bumbling kit traveling with them, the families looked forward to the future.


The cats eventually settled, tired but outstandingly happy, in a large forest. Perfect for each clan, and safe from sickness. But happiness wasn't long-lived for Owlclaw. Only days after their settlement, Dappledfern was brought back to camp, bleeding; dying. Before a healer could even reach her, she died, curled in Owlclaw's hold.

Owlclaw became cold and empty, unable to even look at his own kit without guilt. But he stood at Foxpaw's apprentice ceremony, if only for Dappledfern's sake. Before he lugged himself away to wallow in self-pity for moons to follow.




Mother: Poppytail | Duskclan Elder | Living


Father: Rateye | Starclan-Duskclan Warrior | Deceased




Littermate-Sister | Ducktail | Duskclan Warrior | Living

Littermate-Sister | Flickerpaw | Starclan-Duskclan Warrior | Deceased


Brother | Barkwhisker | Duskclan Warrior | Living

Brother | Peckertooth | Starclan-Duskclan Warrior | Deceased





Former | Dappledfern | Starclan-Duskclan Queen | Deceased




Foxpaw | Duskclan Apprentice | Living *whospeakspizza




Mentor: Pineear | Starclan-Duskclan Warrior | Deceased


Apprentice: ??? , Peckertooth (deceased)




:bulletwhite: = Acquaintance

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: = Unsure

:bulletblue: = Friend

:bulletblue::bulletblue: = Good Friend

:bulletgreen: = Buddy

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: = Best Friend

:bulletyellow: = Attraction/Likeable

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: = Crush

:bulletpink: = Love

:bulletpink::bulletpink: = Mate

:bulletred: = Dislike

:bulletred::bulletred: = Hate/Despise

:bulletblack: = Suspicious

:bulletblack::bulletblack: = Jealous

:bulletpurple: = Respect

:bulletorange: = Family

:star: = Mentor/Apprentice


-Roleplay Sample-

From %The-Blue-Tides between Mantispaw and Wildpaw.


Shuffling woke a sleeping Mantispaw from her slumber. The she-cat slowly peaked her lime-colored eyes open, observing the still half-dark den. Her eyes landed on the form of a tail of one of her den mates leaving- one of her sisters, she realized as she observed the den, which was missing one of her siblings. The tortoiseshell she-cat yawned widely, before pushing herself up to her paws. The three-legged apprentice hobbled outside into the cool morning air, squinting at the new light that was slowly filling the camp.


The she-cat observed the clearing, quiet and mostly empty save for the dawn patrol as it stood by the entrance tunnel awaiting its final members to join. The she-cat hovered the the entrance, and felt her stomach vibrate with hunger as her gaze landed on the fresh kill pile. A frown split her features, and she hobbled forward, taking note of the cat the stood next to it. Who was he again? She never had spoken to the cat much, he was the medicine cat apprentice, she remembered. After a moment, his name came to her, and she let a smile grace her cheeks again as she looked up. "Goodmorning, Wildpaw! The pile's shrinking day-to-day now, isn't it?" She greeted, and her eyes trailed to the pile once more, her eyes becoming sad. "I don't remember my last leafbare, but I don't think I'll like it."


Backstory & Art © Me *TurkFish

Owlclaw's name, design, and currently OWLCLAW © *whospeakspizza

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