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SotS | Moonclaw | Shadowclan by TurkFish SotS | Moonclaw | Shadowclan by TurkFish

Wow sorry if he’s not that well developed. I tried OTL Writer’s block is a bitch, I tell ya.

Basic Information

Name: Moonkit | Moonpaw | Moonclaw
Age: 34 Moons
Gender: Male
Breed: 20% Russian Blue, 20% Korat, 30% Nebelung, 30% Mutt
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Warrior
Belief in StarClan: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Personal Information


Confident | Extrovert | Trustwothy | Cocky | Difficult | Curious

Perhaps a bit to confident. Moonclaw will run head first into something, simply because he believes he can do it. He thinks everything he says is true, and everything he does will end with the result he expects. Of course, that isn't always the case. And when it isn't, he simply claims that he knew this would be the result all along.

Loud and obnoxious, Moonclaw is surely an extrovert. He'll express anything and everything, so long as he hasn't promised not to. He loves to talk, no matter who to, and will be found constantly running his mouth, so long as he's not sleeping or hunting. He loves to make friends, though many of his "friends" might seem not to like him.

Cats tend not to trust Moonclaw, because they don't trust that flowing mouth of his. But Moonclaw at least has one understanding to others feelings. If a cat tells Moonclaw a secret, he'll hold it to his death, and never tell another soul what it is. He'll also carry out any duty or job he's given, though it may be taken care of in a rash or stupid way for his thinking.

Moonclaw is a jerk. He'll never shut his mouth, and spew sarcastic words and rude phrases throughout the camp. This is the reason Moonclaw isn't particularly liked within his clan. He thinks of his words as harmless and funny, but few view it that way.

It's hard to persuade Moonclaw to do anything that he doesn't like. He'll even silently disagree with his higher ups. Moonclaw is a rebel, an all out disobedient dog unless specifically ordered to do something. This especially comes into play with Starclan, which Moonclaw believes in desperately.

Moonclaw is always very curious, and likes to poke his nose where it doesn't belong. This often gets him into trouble. He likes to know anything and everything. This tends to get him into more trouble than he's worth, but it's a nice pass time for him to know all those little secrets of his.


Before Birth

Glazedsky was raised since birth to believe in her warrior ancestors, no matter what. And her belief never waned, even as her peers around her began to stop. And soon, she forced her mouth closed, and never spoke of her ancestors. It hurt to know that her friends thought her stupid, CRAZY when she spoke of them.

It was no surprise when she fell in love with the first believer she'd met in moons. She'd accidentally let her secret slip, and when Longclaw confessed his belief for Starclan, it seemed she'd fallen head over paw-pads for him.

It wasn't until they'd gone past their prime that she confessed. They were both getting older, but Longclaw confessed his own attraction. And the couple decided to have kits, despite it being somewhat dangerous at their age.


Moonkit, along with his sister, Frogkit, were born on the night of a full moon. The two kits were always believed, at least by their mother, to have a strong spiritual connection to Starclan, to own a rare blessing. (of course, that may or may not be true for all cats, it was but an opinion of a mother, after all) She would often talk with her mate about how special their children were.

They’d survived an elderly kit-birth, they were born under the full moon, a peaceful night, and the elderly couple’s favorite topid—the moon-shaped markings that Moonkit bore on his flank.

Moonkit, of course, found his parent’s talk of Starclan interesting, especially since it was a not-so-kindly-talked-of topic outside the nursery. The young kit would often bask in his parent’s praise in the nursery with his sister, daily. The kit became a spoiled brat.


Moonkit the spoiled quickly became Moonpaw the stubborn under his newly named mentor, Waterprancer. Waterprancer had also been an avid Starclan believer, as well as a senior warrior. Glazedsky had always held a connection with the younger cat, and before Moonpaw’s parents were moved into the Elder’s Den, they’d requested that only cats who believed in Starclan be Moonpaw and Frogpaw’s mentors.

Of course, no other cats knew of these terms, and many were disappointed to not gain the new apprentices. Moonpaw and Frogpaw, because of this, managed to gain a fair bit of popularity, which they absorbed like sponges to water.

Moonpaw, dripping with praise, was very cocky and stubborn with his mentor at first, and proved to be a challenge to the senior warrior. But, being more experienced than most the clan cats, Moonpaw’s attitude was tamed, at least, for Waterprancer. Other cats were not so lucky. Moonpaw’s popularity died down, and him, along with his sister were eventually back to only being praised by their parents. (Their mentors, too, if they behaved)

The ‘paws led an average apprenticeship.


It was at Moonclaw’s warrior’s ceremony that he found out the full weight of the disbelief cats had in Starclan. When asked for his promises, he noticed the words held no praise for Starclan, and he voiced his worries. This made way for the other cats to glare him down, nail him to the spot, as if he were a Dark Forester himself.

Moonclaw, after his awkward, tense ceremony, was sat down along with Frogfur, and given a full rundown of everything by their parents, mentors, as well as a few comments from their higher-ups.

Moonclaw finally understood why cats would often look at him funny when he mentioned his warrior ancestors. Of course, nothing changed Moonclaw’s opinions. The young warrior continued to believe in his ancestors, and proved his mother proud.

Before the elderly she-cat died beside her mate, Moonclaw gave them a proper send off to what he believed was still Starclan.

It has been many moons since Moonclaw’s ceremony, and the young tom has concealed his opinions within. He rarely voices his belief in Starclan, but he still STRONGLY believes they are there.


special relationships

Mother | Glazedsky | Starclan??
Father | Longclaw | Starclan??

Sister | Frogfur | Shadowclan

Mentor | Waterprancer | Starclan??
Apprentice | None

other relationships

:star: Family
:heart: Mate
:rose: Dead

(:bulletwhite:) Unsure , Wary
(:bulletblack:) Fear
(:bulletred: ) Dislike / (:bulletred::bulletred:) Hate, Despise, Wish Death Upon
(:bulletyellow:) Acquaintance
(:bulletgreen:) Friend
(:bulletblue:) Good Friend / (:bulletblue::bulletblue:) Best Friend
(:bulletorange:) Attraction / :bulletorange::bulletorange: Lust
(:bulletpink:) Crush / (:bulletpink::bulletpink:) Love
(:bulletpurple:) Admire, Respect


high ranks


regular ranks

:star: :rose: Longclaw | NPC
[Entry 1] :bulletpink::bulletpink: "…"

:star: :rose: Glazedsky | NPC
[Entry 1] :bulletpurple: | :bulletpink::bulletpink: "…"

:star: Frogfur | NPC | Up for Adoption
[Entry 1] :bulletpink::bulletpink: | :bulletgreen: "…"


high ranks


regular ranks



high ranks


regular ranks



high ranks


regular ranks




Roleplay Sample

:iconworld-of-tainted: - Merlin and Tybalt

Tybalt gave an upset huff as he raised his head from the mud. He could feel the squishy substance all over his cloths, his face, his paws. The tom heaved a sigh, and began to push himself to his knees, when he felt something kick him in the side. He collapsed again in the mud, rolling around like a pig, and heard the splash of someone else hitting the ground beside him.

The cook grunted in agony. More ruined cloths! Gah, more chores for tomorrow... Tybalt flicked his ears, hearing the cat who had also fallen give an angry shout at him. He quickly bolted upright, his eyes smoldering with blue flames. "Calm your whiskers, lad! You're the one who kicked me!" He snarled, baring his teeth in a snarl.

"You're not the only one who dropped your stuff!" He growled, but his eyes slitted slightly as he scanned the ground. "Though, these are palace books, are they not?" He murmured, recognizing the stamps on the covers. His eyes landed on the book in the hands of his fellow mud-crawler, and they lit up. "I-is that a cook book?" He asked, slightly surprised that another tom would be interested in such an art. It was usually a woman's job to work in a kitchen. He quickly shook his head. This book probably wasn't even for him, perhaps his mother, or even wife.

Slowly, he tried to gather a few of the books that were nearest to him, before her got to his paws. Feeling the slightest sense of guilty now, he reached out a paw, a meager offering to help the cat up. "This was my fault anyways, I can help you out with the funds to repay these." He offered, muttering just loud enough so his voice could be heard over the thunder of rain on the ground, as well as thunderous booms in the sky.

Moonclaw (c) Me *TurkFish
Art & Group (c) ~Wishli
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