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BOTS - Chillstar App by TurkFish BOTS - Chillstar App by TurkFish

//EDIT// I added some relationship things, and a bit of extra info vuv
//EDIT 2// Completely redid his app, since he's the new leader and all! Plus some new info!

You can see his old app here !

Chillwhisker by Sparrow-puff

[Name] Chillkit | Chillpaw | Chillwhisker | Chillstar

Chill- Chillkit was born in Leaf-bare. After him and his siblings had been born, their parents sat down to name them together. As they slowly observed the kittens, they noticed the white one, Chillkit, shivering. "He looks so cold. I hope he hasn't gotten a chill…" "That's it! Chillkit!"
Whisker- Chillpaw was named Chillwhisker, as his whisker's always noticeably quivered. Just like many cats do when they are cold. The clan leader believed it made sense!
Star- Name a leader takes on after the 9 lives ceremony.

[Age] 39 Moons
[Gender] Male
[Clan] Sleetclan
[Rank] Warrior

[Mentor] Snatchclaw
[Apprentices] Thornsnare, Rainpaw


Chillwhisker is a very skinny white tom, with short, smooth fur. He was born without much of a tail, sporting only a small, fluffy stump. Above his stunning violet-red eyes are 4 gray spots atop his forehead. He has very long ears. He's taller than the average cat. He has very long whiskers, that are often seen quivering, as if her were shivering.

[ Family background ]


Mother | Featherfur | Missing / Assumed Dead | Sleetclan / Starclan??
Father | Clumsyfoot | Deceased | Sleetclan / Starclan

Father-in-Law | Desertwalker | Unknown
Mother-in-Law | Pantherspot | Starclan


Brother | Acornrush | Sleetclan
Sister | Blizzardflight | Sleetclan

Brother-in-Law | Feralsnarl | Unknown


Son | Littlepaw | Sleetclan
Son | Goldpaw | Sleetclan
Son | Eaglepaw | Sleetclan
<font>Son | Snarlpaw | Nightclan</font>
<font>Daughter | Shypaw | Nightclan</font>
<font>Expecting 4 more currently...</font>


Florastar | Nightclan Leader


Mother's Side | Snowtuft | Grandfather… (Dark Forest warrior)
Mother's Side | Unknown | Grandmother (presumed Starclan warrior)
Father's Side | Duskmeadow | Grandfather | Starclan Warrior
Father's Side | Sleekpelt | Grandmother | Starclan Warrior

[Other Relatives]


[ Personality ]
Leader | Sarcastic | Ambitious | Excitable | Humorous | Flirty | Loyal | "Soft"

Since Chillstar has become leader, he's tried harder to be a good role mottle for his clan. He takes on many responsibilities, and completes everything that he can in a timely manner. He also finds time for his clanmates, to patrol, and hunt, and share tongues with them, even if it's only right before bed time!

Chillstar is a very sarcastic cat. He often struts around, acting as if he knows everything. He'll often make snide and sarcastic comments towards others. It's all in good fun, but he realizes too late that being a jerk can sometimes hurt other's feelings.

Chillstar has big dreams and big goals for life. He had aimed to achieve those goals every and any way he could. His ambition took a turn after his mother told him he was turning into Snowtuft, his dark-blooded grandfather. Chillstar hated this, and vowed he would become a great warrior, but never by stepping on others to do so. Now, he tries his best, whether it be battling for territory, feeding his clan, or leading a patrol, to be the greatest cat leaders in the clans. He hopes to impress his leader greatly, and if not ever be deputy, be one cat the clans will always quiver like his whiskers at his name.

Chillstar tries to be very mature, but sometimes he becomes very excited, just like a kit. Especially when it comes to battles. He becomes very smiley and happy when something exciting is going on. This may be because he missed out on "being a kit" when he was young.

Though most cats consider him rude, some do enjoy his company for this trait. Chillstar is a particularly funny cat, when he wishes to be. He always adores a good joke, and always enjoys hanging out with a couple other males (maybe even some she-cats) and playing some minor pranks.

Chillwhisker loves the ladies. Which means he loves to flirt. He usually flirts with cats younger than him, but not so young that the clan wouldn't approve. He can be very charming when he wants to be. He's even seen flirting with she-cats from other clans, but really only usually has an eye for cats in his own home.

Strangly enough, at least to his clanmates, Chillstar's flirting habits suddenly stopped when he became leader. He rarely shows any interest in any she-cats as of late.

Chillstar loves his clan more than anything else in the world. He may not show it with his snide remarks and rude commentary, but he loves every cat in his clan. He'd do anything for them, to keep them safe, just like any warrior would! He protects his clan with his life, and would always put them first before anything.

Though he rarely shows it, Chillstar does have a soft side. This side is only seen by the closest of friends and siblings. Underneath his hard, spikey shell, he's a huge sweetheart.

[ History ]

Long before Chillwhisker was born, lived his parents. His father, Clumsyfoot, had a long, long lineage of loyal Sleetclan ancestors. He was born to two noble warriors, Sleekpelt and Duskmeadow. Before long he became an apprentice, a clumsy one. One day, the leader got a sign. He assigned a small patrol to go confirm his sign. They arrived at the Cherryblossom Tree, and there, small and frail, was a new arrival. She was a youngster, only around 4 moons old at most. Clumsypaw fell head over heels for her. The only thing the she-kit ever managed to remember, was her father's crazy hunger for power, and his eventual murder of his only kit. It had been many seasons since the existence of the cat, but the wounds still hung deep in Featherkit's heart. Clumsypaw helped the she-cat's heart heal best he could, and Featherpaw began to form a small crush on him. As the cats grew older, the two fell in love even more. As soon as Featherfur was made a warrior, the two celebrated. Soon, Featherfur was expecting Clumsyfoot's kits.

Chillkit was born along with his two siblings, Acorn/Branch____ and Blizzard____, deep into leafbare. It wasn't a very cold season, but Chillkit still got his name for his potential sniffles! Chillkit grew faster than his siblings, he was the tallest kit in the nursery! He had big ears that didn't fit him, made him look goofy. He wasn't normal, he was distant from his siblings, often preferring to hang out with older toms, apprentices.
At night, he would lie alone, or sometime sit at the entrance to the nursery, listening to gossip outside. He often caught wind of his mother and father's conversations, her, speaking of an old fiend. His grandfather? Snowtuft. He became enraged by the tellings he heard from his mother, at Snowtuft. He hated the name, a scourge it was! But he never spoke of it to his mother, and she assumed no one but her mate knew of her past.
Chillkit was embarrassed of his father. The tom was clumsy and doofy. He vowed to never be like his father. Though he loved him, he never wanted to be the clumsy mousebrain he was. Always putting others in danger because he couldn't get anything right.

Only days after their apprentice ceremony, Clumsyfoot's "clumsiness" bit him in the butt. The tom had been hunting in a tall tree, but fallen. He was brought back to camp, and the entire family mourned. Clumsyfoot had gone into a coma, and was in terrible shape, banged up, bloodied, bruised. He passed away 3 nights later. The event had a terrible effect on poor Featherfur. She became bitter towards everyone, only showing love to her children.
This drove Chillpaw even more into his shell. He became snarky and rude towards all but his mother. He never wanted to come to the same fate as Clumsyfoot. He WOULDN'T. He began training harder. Ran faster, hunted more. He even sparked a few fights to practice his battle moves.
He wanted to be the best.
He began to fight with his clanmates, especially those smaller than him. He enjoyed the power, he enjoyed being strong. His mother would often defend him, but looked at him funny, as if she were scared, or hesitant. Chillpaw didn't mind, as long as he had his mother's support, her love, he didn't mind anything or anyone else.

Chillpaw was named Chillwhisker by the way his whiskers quivered. He was ecstatic, he was so close to being a great warrior. He believed he was making his mother so proud of him. But suddenly, she snapped.
One day, after a battle training, he heard his mother muttering under her breath, from where she'd been watching. "…just like Snowtuft…" Chillwhisker's blood almost froze under his skin, as he asked Featherfur what she'd said. Of course, not knowing what her son knew of the tom, "You're turning into Snowtuft!" She had shouted, and ran off. Chillwhisker didn't know this would be the last time he would've seen his mother. At this moment he wouldn't have cared. Her words had hit him like a bullet to the heart. He sat outside the camp, for hours, until well past moonhigh. He hated her words, how he hated them! And the worst part, they were true! He sheathed his claws from where they dug gouges in the earth and returned to camp. Only to learn his mother hadn't come back.
The clan searched for days, but never found her. They never blamed Chillwhisker for her disappearance, solely because they thought it impossible for how close the two cats were, though many had suspicions for many moons. After the fruitless search, Chillwhisker had suddenly seemed to turn into a kit again, running to his siblings, seeking comfort from them. Chillwhisker's blood-hungry acclimation for power had been stopped before it's peak.

Chillwhisker's entire life seemed to go on reset after his mother's disappearance. He still had ambition, but it was a healthier one than before, that of a typical warrior. He patched the bruises of relationships between him and his clan mates, and began to make actual friends. Though he could never completely shake his snarky attitude, it never amounted to what he had been before. Instead of working for his own gain, he worked for his clan mates, for their safety and well-being. He gained a happier personality, and learned how to laugh and have fun.
As he began fitting into clan life more and more, he found the one thing any tom could be happy for. That was the ladies. Though it was a bit late, he began his swooning years.
He even had his first apprentice, making sure to teach the young cat what he'd learned as well. His apprentice moved on to be a full warrior, and Chillwhisker began to feel better about himself. He knew where he belonged, and what he was doing now. He still aims to be the best, but definitely not like before.
Chillwhisker can often be seen playing in the water on the beach. He has absolutely no fear of the waves, or the thought of dying by them. He is sure that was were his mother escaped to, and he feels that if he dies there, it is by her hand, and he deserves it. Despite this morbid belief, Chillwhisker simply loves the feel of the salt water. When he's not out hunting or in camp, he can be found here.

It was there, at the beach, that Chillwhisker met the most beautiful she-cat he'd ever seen. Her name was Floravoice. At first, he simply flirted.
But then...she wouldn't leave his head. And so he returned.
And returned.
...And returned.
And he slowly fell in love with the she-cat

Before Chillwhisker could bat an eyelid, horror struck the clan. It was as if Starclan had cursed the clan, as they stole the life of the deputy, Shadowfire. Chillwhisker was both horrified, confused, and excited when he was suddenly named deputy by Talonstar. And he was prepared to serve her for many years.
It was more like many minutes. The clan broke out into chaos as Talonstar, only having just named her deputy, lost her 9th life to a bear only hours after Chillwhisker had been named. It was so sudden, not even the medicine cat had known her fate.

And so Chillwhisker was forced to receive his nine lives, and was named Chillstar, leader of Sleetclan! After a moon of having led Sleetclan, Chillstar found himself at the beach, led by a hunch. He found Floravoice, and finally, after nearly 2 moons of back and forth visits across the border, they confessed their love for eachother.
...More to be added as he is roleplayed...

[ Lovein's ]


Males | Females | Neither

Looks - He prefers skinny she-cats, with white colors, or at least light colors.

Personality - Any, as long as she doesn't act like a snoopy jerk!

Activity - Unknown

✓ Long Lasting Relationship
✓ Quick Fling
X Multiple Relationships

Love Interests - Florastar

[ Relationships ]

:star: Family
:heart: Mate
:rose: Dead

(:bulletwhite:) Unsure , Wary
(:bulletblack:) Fear
(:bulletred: ) Dislike / (:bulletred::bulletred:) Hate, Despise, Wish Death Upon
(:bulletyellow:) Acquaintance
(:bulletgreen:) Friend
(:bulletblue:) Good Friend / (:bulletblue::bulletblue:) Best Friend
(:bulletorange:) Attraction / :bulletorange::bulletorange: Lust
(:bulletpink:) Crush / (:bulletpink::bulletpink:) Love
(:bulletpurple:) Admire, Respect


high ranks

:rose: Shadowfire | iComett
[Entry 1] :bulletred: "HE STOLE DEPUTYSHIP FROM ME! I wanted that job! It was going to be MINE! I hardly know him...but I know, at this rate, we'll never be friends. I was so...close...and it just slipped through my paws!"
[Entry 2] :bulletblack: | :bulletwhite: "I...I mean, sure. I didn't exactly like you that much, but I would have never wished death upon you! I'm...I'm so sorry, Shadowfire. May you rest well in Starclan, and I pray you forgive me for my devious thoughts..."

Azurepaw | ariebutt
[Entry 1] :bulletyellow: "Boy, I bet she's a handfull for Gentleoak. She sure is a smart allec! Suppose that's the norm for a medicine cat, though."

normal ranks

:star: Blizzardflight | streakpie
[Entry 1] ...pending.

Rainpaw | stranglerfig
[Entry 1] :bulletgreen: | :bulletpurple: "My sweet little apprentice, she's rather shy. I can't wait to start training her!"

Morningpaw | Crunchy-the-Munchkin
[Entry 1] :bulletgreen: "Ugh, she's Shadowfire's apprentice... But, she's a really sweet cat, and real smart. She's..she's a a real cutie, too. Maybe when she's older..."


high ranks

:heart: Floravoice | little-bash
[Entry 1] :bulletgreen: | :bulletpink: | :bulletpurple: "She's deputy...deputy of another clan. But boy is she amazing... I really don't like the fact that I'm falling for a cat of another clan. I mean, I've only known her for a pawful of sunrises! But she's so cute, and harmless, and sweet! God, I could just cuddle with her for days, she's so perfect... I just....I hope I don't ruin her life..."
[Entry 2] :bulletblue: | :bulletpink::bulletpink: | :bulletorange: "I can't get her out of my head. It's...not like I'd want to. She's...she's absolutely beautiful. I want her to be my mate...but this blasted border! I just want to be with her, I just want to be able to wake up every morning and...and tell her I love her..."
[Entry 3] :bulletblue::bulletblue: | :bulletpink::bulletpink: | :bulletorange: "I hadn't seen her in a moon since I'd been made leader. It had to be fate that led me to the beach to find her that night! And...and we confessed our love. She actually loves me! You have no idea how that makes a cat like me's such a wonderful feeling... Nothing can stop us now. She's my mate, and no matter what, I'll always love her. Blast the borders, blast the code! I'll never let her go... I love you Floravoice."


Deerwood | Coalfire17
[Entry 1] :bulletgreen: "She's very nice. So far, not my type, but she still manages to amaze me. She's a real good racer, that's for sure!"

[ Extra Information ]

Voice Actor: Christopher Drew
Scent: Sea Water and Fresh Snow. In Newleaf, he also has a cherry-like scent to him.
Build: Very skinny and pronounced.
Size: Extremely tall.

Someone Like You - The Summer Set… (Relationship with Floravoice)

The Great Water



Hurting Others
After the disappearance of his mother, and his realization that he'd been turning evil, Chillstar has always feared hurting others. Unless he's fighting them in a real battle, or has a purpose to fight them, he becomes very upset if he hurts another cat.

Becoming Evil
After his realization, as stated above, Chillstar has feared becoming evil. He never wishes to follow in the pawsteps of his grandfather, Snowtuft.

Chillstar is now terrified. Terrified of failing his clan. He'd always dreamed of his first moments as leader. But he had never expected them to be so chaotic. He fears failing his clanmates, his mate, and most of all, his mother.

- Though Chillstar does not fear death, he does dislike it. This feeling is only upon others. He welcomes death upon himself.
- Chillstar is very ambitious, and wishes to be made leader of his clan one day.
- When Chillstar really falls for a she-cat, his personality can almost do a flip-flop, and he'll become clumsy, shy, and awkward.
- Chillstar wishes to have kits one day, but also desperately fears that he'll turn on them, like his grandfather did his mother. (Though it is quite unlikely)

[ Roleplay sample ]

A loud squeal echoed, then cut off abruptly. A tall, white tom emerged from the bushes. A small rodent was clenched in his strong jaws. Three cats waited for him as he came out. "Good catch Chillwhisker!" One of the cats commented.
Chillwhisker's whiskers quivered and he dropped his prey, giving a blunt, "thank you". Suddenly, he turned and sniffed at the air, raising his ears as a signal to be quiet. The grass swished peacfully as wind blew. But there was something past the quiet hush of wind a water. There! A loud yowl screeched in the distance. "Scorchclan's disputing over the border again!" Chillwhisker suddenly hissed. "Come on, we have to help!" He quickly burried his prey with dirt, and rushed off, his patrol following suit.

Blank app:
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You're welcome!
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